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Marie-Reine Hassen, économiste, CEO CFII, ancien ministre en Centrafrique.

Open letter to Ban Ki-Moon Secretary General of the United Nations

Publié le 11 Octobre 2015 par Marie-Reine Hassen

Open letter to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations: solutions to prevent a civil war and end the destruction and the killings in CAR
Open letter to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations: solutions to prevent a civil war and end the destruction and the killings in CAR


I’m calling on Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to end the destruction and the desperate waste of life in the Central African Republic.

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

Allow me to draw your attention towards a population that’s been going towards its certain death. A former diplomat and minister, I belong to the Central African people, which have suffered decades of violence and human rights abuse. Being not compromised by a wrong political past, I am extremely concerned by the situation: the on going violence against the population is unbearable and unacceptable.

In Central African Republic, they throw inflammable product on the fire to fight it. Neither Djotodia nor Samba Panza have brought any improvement to the country’s drama. Until today, human rights violations are being committed everyday all over the 86 regions of the country and in the capital city Bangui. It’s getting worse everyday. A whole country is dying. The hatred and the rage to kill has reached their climax. The hostility and resentment between the multiple groups have been under evaluated. Tensions constantly swell; inter-ethnic cleavages keep deepening. Armed groups are fragmenting, multiplying, and becoming increasingly criminalized.

Forums, gatherings, summits peace conferences, all sorts of assemblies and meetings have given no result. None of the many peace agreements have succeeded.

Despite the peace mission and the numerous United Nations resolutions, the CAR remains in a deep process of disintegration, becoming a no-man’s land in the heart of Africa, a haven for a range of militant jihadists and islamist extremist groups, also putting Europe and the world to risk, a threat to international peace and security within the region.

The current transitional government has largely demonstrated its inability to restore order and security, to disarm and calm the various armed groups and protect the population while the country is falling apart.

There is a need to stop pursuing a strategy that is not addressing the critical challenges of a transition.

  • A United Nations peacekeeping mission would be to no avail if it’s not accompanied by a good political transition. It’s about time for the international decision makers and UN agencies to reassess the situation and adjust their policy to the reality on the ground. Unless security conditions improve, it is doubtful that the country will be capable of managing elections soon. The best chance to bring stability and peace to CAR and get fair and free elections is to have a good transition.
  • The on going transition is fiasco. The transitional authorities failed to face the country’s main priorities. The situation has become totally unmanageable. The Central African people, who were not consulted in the choice of the transitional president, now demand her resignation. If this situation persists, the country will definitely drown.
  • The race for election is simply dangerous. In this context, the rushed organization of elections is certainly going to exacerbate inter communal tensions. The electoral process will not be peaceful and transparent. Adding fuel to the fire, it’s aftermath mays rather be explosive.
  • Putting the country under guardianship or having a third transition will not solve the fundamental illness of the Central African Republic;
  • Today the Central African Republic needs a real strategy to resolve this never-ending conflict;
  • In order to rebuild the Central African Republic, bring back stability and peace, the best chance is to have a good transitional government.

A civil war is brewing. In order to avoid that, it becomes necessary to:

  • Immediately end the mandate of the transitional institutions;
  • Install a good political transition: a small government led by twenty professional, operational and independent people with expertise, skills and probity, capable of restoring law and order;
  • Have this fully mobilized college to prioritize the main issues, develop and implement a good conflict resolution strategy, disarm and neutralize all armed groups and communities, protect civilians, put an end to impunity, restore a strong institution of Justice, set up foundations of an effective administrations system, restore the State authority, rebuild a professional National Army, intensify the efforts towards a reconciliation process through the regional development and the resettlement of displaces persons and refugees…
  • Make sure that the government remains accountable to the central African people, the international decision makers and the United Nations.
  • Reinstate institutions in the entire territory, including the Police, Gendarmerie and National Army.

Dear Mr. Secretary General, there is a little time left for the Central African Republic to avoid the Somali scenario: the disintegration of an entire country and its people.

I urge you to react.


Marie-Reine Hassen

Former Government Minister

President of Renaissance Laïque


+33 6 88 62 89